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Culta, your digital Magazine

Bright, bold, and playful color palette. CULTA incorporates hues that evoke energy, excitement, and fun, such as dazzling greens, hot oranges, and electric blues. Area is a bold typography. Using large, attention-grabbing font gives the brand a confident and unapologetic vibe.

CULTA has its unique illustrations. It incorporates hand-drawn elements, that work as graphic patterns and abstract shapes, to add a creative and visually interesting touch to the design. They also helps identify the content.

CULTA has a grid-based layout however, it breaks from theĀ  sober and minimalist editorial look and keeps the focus on the content.

There are interactive elements such as animations, hover effects, and dynamic backgrounds, to add a playful and engaging touch to the user experience.

This brand design will attract a young and energetic audience and reflect the fun, vibrant, and visually stimulating content they can expect from the magazine.


Art Director

Victoria Segovia