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Schande und Scham

Shame and Disgrace

«Schande und Scham» was the campaign designed for Neunerhaus in 2019. Dozens of ads were printed and distributed throughout Vienna. The campaign was exceptionally well received and collected the highest autrian award in Advertisment, the annual CCA Award in the cathegory of Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Nuenerhaus is a non-profit organization that takes care of homeless people. It offers them a roof, food, sanitary services and guides them step by step in the process of social reintegration. It is an organization like no other, as they also take care of pets and offer dental services. All free.

Despite all this work and the many stories of success, the organization does not enjoy a more than deserved recognition and fame. Therefore, what better way to stand out than to create a campagin that marks an era? And that is what was achieved.

“Schande und Scham” takes a stand against the stigmatization of homelessness. Shame is materialized through the use of medieval masks. These masks, worn by the models, are adaptations of real ones that were used in the 15th century to denigrate those who committed behaviors not accepted by the whole of the Society. These masks embody that shame that, like a cage, traps those who have been left homeless. This campaign is a criticism of social stigmatization, because the projection of this shame is wrong and should be removed.




Havas Wien

Creative Director

Alex Rudan

Art Director

Emil Haider


Karin Schalko

Junior Art Director

Victoria Segovia