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Visualizing an obsession

Tyrolia, the famous Austrian company that handles the production and distribution of bindings worldwide, commissioned us to renew their product catalog. This is the cornerstone of the marketing team. As any good catalog, it must embody the vision of the company, be visually appealing, clear and concisely present all the available products.

We got our inspiration from the ink and the irregular lines of a sketch book. White on black, it reminded us of snow. We experimented with brushes, ink, and paper. We let ourselves be influenced by oriental calligraphy and came up with an elegant and cheeky style. But something was missing. We kept on playing with visuals, we cut them, and painted on them. We added the mischief and youth touch of the collage. And there we had it, the color. Our design was ready.

There we had our obsession.




Havas Wien

Art Director

Emil Haider

Junior Art Director

Victoria Segovia, Matic Bracko


Karin Schalko