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Magazine ALM

In this Pitch, a regional magazine, like any other, reinvents itself by becoming a design magazine: Alm. With a clean and modern structure, collaborations with local artists, and fresh content, the magazine intends to become a design authority in the region, attracting a broader audience.

This was a regional magazine, a mishmash of advertisements and paid articles that aimed to stand out in the local design scene. The goal was to rebrand the magazine without losing its local roots to attract a diverse and high profile audience.

A new visual identity was created with a modern design, vibrant colors inspired by the local culture and nature, and a bold and unique typography combination. The content was refreshed, featuring local artists and designers.

The transformation speaks for itself. «Alm» is an example of how a brand can evolve to meet its audience’s expectations and strengthen its connection with the local community.

Because Brading matters.

Schönberg Alm



Creative Director

Peter Becke

Art Director

Victoria Segovia