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Green Alliance


The Austrian Ministry of Climate Protection has launched an initiative that supports financial companies on their way toward climate neutrality. This initiative receives the name of Green Finance Alliance (GFA).

Our job was to create a brand in the form of a logo to distinguish the members of this initiative. A good logo should aspire to be functional and expressive. It embodies the name and the goal of a company, project, or product.

We had to balance the expectations and needs for an institutional look without wish to appeal to a modern and younger user. The round roundness represents the degree and how actions and consequences are tangled together. In other words, those that want a change are the ones that need to act. 1.5°C is the limit to which global temperature should rise by the end of the century to avoid the worst impact of climate change.


Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology


Media Brothers

Art Director

Victoria Segovia