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The Boss, the dragon and the queue

Oxxenkrahels Energy drink

We produced three clips for the relaunch of Oxxenkraherl, Penny’s energy drink, on social media.

The original campagin consisted on three illustrated posters with monsters as protagonists. The visuals, while interesting and funny, did not quite strengthen the concept. So we decided to take a creative license, and turn these characters into real beings with a twist: we would push them out of the screen, like someone who gets rid of an annoying fly with a blow. That’s the Okkenkraherl effect, get rid of the daily hassles with your favorite energy drink.

In order to achieve this effect, we played with the perspective, following the latest trend on Instagram. 


Penny Markt


Media Brothers

Creative Director

Jan Hosa

Art Director

Cornelia Engel

Junior Art Director

Victoria Segovia


Sabrina Riedmayer